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Hi, my name is Luke. I'm a disciplined entry-level programmer who specializes in server-side .NET, web development, and devops. I love working in teams, whether remote or in-person. If I sound like a good fit for your team, please contact me!



I gravitate toward projects naturally. I do very well with understanding and following project structures. I also am developing my ability to structure my own projects!

Team Player

While I love fun projects, I am ready to take on any project. I will happily take on tasks that help unblock other people to benefit the team's performance. I also care about documenting work so that my teammates benefit from my work.


Video Poker Classics

Video Poker Classics, a UWP app (web coming soon!) that's a farewell homage to W10M.

Modern Yacht

Modern Yacht, a fast and lightweight dice game as a PWA.

Becker Appraisal Services

Becker Appraisal Services, a classic design that I modernized for mobile access, security, and performance benefits. Going live soon!


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